Life as the Flutter of a Butterfly's Wings (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
Life as the Flutter of a Butterfly's Wings (Russian version)

Life as the Flutter of a Butterfly's Wings (Russian version)

Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev
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Year 2006

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Life as the Flutter of a Butterfly's Wings
Changing Habits
Structure X
Lecture in Kharkov
The Future
Looking Back at Tomorrow
Another Step Forward
The Game
Sodom and Gomorrah
Seminar in Frankfurt
Working on Oneself
Continued Analysis
The Art of Love

My research, essentially, is an attempt to reduce dependence on the surrounding world. And if you do not go towards the Creator and do not change your emotions, your character, your soul, overcoming such dependence is simply impossible.

I continue to feel out the theme of the future and repeat my continuous attempts to reduce dependence on it. There is a simple law. We can possess that which we are internally independent of. If you are dependent on your family, cannot accept the loss of a loved one - there will be no family. Worship money internally - there will be no money. Cannot accept the loss of the future, dependent on it - you will lose the future in the same way. Typically, this means death. But sometimes survival is possible if hemophilia, diabetes, AIDS, cancer appear.

It turns out, thinking and wanting to change can go on indefinitely. Changes only occur when you feel that you are starting to change. Changes are impossible at the level of thoughts. If thought is not transformed into feelings, you can never change. Then I understood why. Because the field structure can withstand any changes. It has a higher level of unity, it's softer and more malleable, while the physical structure will simply be destroyed. Our thoughts are connected with the body, and the body has limits of change, transformation. When we engage surface emotions and bodily consciousness, we, like tadpoles, scurry around in a glass of water and see no results. True transformation occurs at the subconscious level. There lie our habits, reflexes, and instincts. Entry into the subconscious occurs through emotions; it is dangerous to enter it with thoughts.

Then I understood why many patients have weak results. For centuries, the definition of homo sapiens - thinking, reasoning man - has been repeated and become habitual for everyone. This term not only symbolizes the difference between man and animal, but it has become a symbol of man as a whole. But the main trait of the devil can be expressed by the same word sapiens! Love is primary for an angel, thought for the devil. Therefore, the true definition of a person is a loving person. It means one needs to imagine and feel oneself loving, feel oneself forgiving, feel the Divine within oneself. One needs to see oneself educating others and loving them. In any pain, suffering, and grievances, constantly feel oneself loving.


What have I come to in fifteen years of research? To the concept that love is an absolute value. In the entire universe, there is no reason to give up love. On the contrary, one must give up everything that hinders love. The larger the scale of human happiness, the more intense should be the striving for God and love.

Tags: In which case stability, well-being, and success can become dangerous. How regret about the past, contempt, and condemnation can destroy a person's future. Why resentment towards a close relative turns into a self-destruction program. What is aging. The role of a curse. How to sympathize with a sick person, especially a child, without getting sick oneself. How varied and tasty food can harm a person. Why exactly the right habits allow a person to have good health. The dangers of a sense of righteousness, idealism, and worship of justice for a woman and her child. What to do if a man leaves the family after the birth of a child. Where do children's character pathologies come from. Why you cannot always yield and submit to your husband. What is conscience. Why an ungrateful person should be punished. How to properly treat homeless people on the street. Why S. Freud died of jaw cancer. The power of Vysotsky's songs.

Diseases: autism, enuresis, ichthyosis, stuttering, cerebral palsy, cancer in children.

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