eBooks by Sergey Lazarev in Spanish

Author Lazarev Sergey. E-books translated and published in Spanish language about life, education, religion, human health and relationship. E-books can be useful for any category of people. Books from Lazarev Sergey in Spanish language can be read online on the website.
*Books on the site are sold in electronic format

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eBooks by Sergey Lazarev in Spanish Diagnostico del karma. Libro segundo. El karma limpio
En el año 1990, llegué descubrí en las estructuras energético-informacionales que rodean a la person ...
eBooks by Sergey Lazarev in Spanish Diagnosis del Karma. Libro 1
¿Cómo puede uno protegerse a sí mismo y a su familia y cómo aprender a resolver distintos problemas? ...
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