18 august 2012
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In August, a seminar was held in Prague. Readers came from all over the world, the lecture was held in Russian with simultaneous translation into Czech and German. A number of questions not only on diseases but also on the survival of humanity was raised. The seminar touched upon the connection between science and religion, of the major drawbacks of modern society, the reasons for the degradation of the present civilization were numbered. A lot of time was devoted to self-perfection. The audience listened to the lecture in one breath.

Surprisingly, the Czechs and the Germans were interested in the research of the author not less than the Russian readers. In addition to the seminar the author gave several interviews to major newspapers and magazines, the Internet, television, as well as for a number of documentaries. Hollywood is planning to buy one of the films with the interviews of S.N.Lazarev to demonstrate in movie theatres on December 21, 2012.

As it was simultaneous translation, the author had to speak slowly and as concisely as possible. The lecture touched upon the latest research and at the same time covered the meaning of the whole system of S.N.Lazarev. For those who are just starting to learn about research, both this workshop and the interviews may be of great use.


What to do before the "End of the World." Signs of spiritual harmony of man. Morality. Clairvoyants and prophets. Energy of the underworld. How to change the fate. Palmistry. The meaning of forgiveness. The desire to change the past. The device to educate human subconscious. The mission of the Christ. Prayer. Autogenous training. Genesis of future diseases. Healing body and soul. Causes of female jealousy. Overcoming discouragement. The pursuit of happiness. Frequent accidents and death situations in life. Ability to enjoy the moment of pain. Correct statement of claims. Love to one's fate. Vampirism. Compassion. Diseases: Oncology.

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Interesting information, filled with everything necessary along with real-life examples.
09 april 2024, 10:34
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